Who we are 🧙‍♂️

We don’t know if you know it but behind these products that people are loving so much (Fabula, Intùiti e Cicero 😄) there is us – these two guys from Italy:

P.s. Andrea is a topnotch professor and Matteo one of the most recognised designers in Italy– we’ve known each other since we were 13!

🚀 In 2018 we decided to do something crazy: to build an Independent Publishing Company (one of the least lucrative businesses) based in Italy (one of the worst countries for having a company) starting with only 3 titles (“Madness!” they said) and well… We made it! 😎😎😎

How was that possible?

We acted creatively, aka we broke old schemes:

We put together some awesome people: our Marketing expert is an entrepreneurial genius who just moved to Portugal; our accountant is one of the best in Turin and he attends minimasters to catch up with our crazy requests (he's already legend); and our developers have their own startup (they are resourceful) and never say «No, this cannot be done» 💪

🍓🍓🍓 The result:

So what do we do all day?

If you think we just spend our time creating cool stuff and deciding what to publish or not, well, you are mistaken!
We are learning that doing something new (breaking old paradigms) requires the courage and the effort of taking a completely uncharted path. We became Excel gurus, e-commerce experts, ruthless business negotiators, everything but the publishers we idealised.
Going indie really means to go structureless and… well, we didn’t see it coming! 😄

That’s why we decided to share our experience - it could be fun and inspiring for everyone out there working on their own projects and bulding companies - so Sefirot’s Creative Bulletin was born.

Every week we share a short mail with:

🍄 We already came out with over 20 episodes. You can catch up here: https://medium.com/sefirots-creative-bulletin

So are you in? ❤️

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P.S. We're pretty interested in:

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