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Fabula Advanced brings the experience of Fabula Deck to a whole new and more professional level, helping you get the most out of the creative tool and in the fastest possible way.

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An online course to help you structure your stories in the best possible way

After months of persistence from Fabula Deck users, we locked ourselves in a recording studio and came out with Fabula Advanced. Inside you will find everything we think is fundamental for those who write novels, films and tv series.

  • It is full of advice, tricks, best-practices fundamental for writers
  • It helps you save time, by discovering in just a few hours everything you need to know to increase your work success prospects
  • It helps you effectively structure a story drastically reducing the risk for your novel or script to end up in the infamous rejection pile
  • It explains how to use Fabula Deck to create well-rounded characters, a trait that is very much appreciated by producers and publishers 😉

And these are only a few of the advantages that you will get from Fabula Advanced... If you want a taste of what you will find inside of the course, in the section below you can get access to the first three lessons.

Bonus: 12 analyses made using Fabula

In the exercise booklet we added 12 analyses of books and films made with Fabula Deck, a treasure from which to draw inspiration. Among the analyses you will find: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, The Catcher in the Rye, Finding Nemo, Inception and Kill Bill.

🇮🇹 And yes, the lessons are all in Italian language with English subtitles. It means Italian lessons for free!

The online course is divided in 12 lessons for a total of about 3 hours and it includes an exercise booklet that includes books and films analyses available to download on the right.

The first 3 lessons are free. To have access to all 12 lessons unlock the videocourse.


1) Introduction

Duration : 03:13

How and why use Fabula

2) How and why use Fabula

Duration : 06:29

Blue cards: heroes, enemies, allies

3) Blue cards: heroes, enemies, allies

Duration : 15:10

4) Blue cards: the world

Duration : 16:12

5) Blue cards: form and the narrator

Duration : 26:37

6) The Hero's Journey - Part 1

Duration : 15:26

7) The Hero's Journey - Part 2

Duration : 18:55

8) Black cards: how to tell the story

Duration : 24:45

9) FAQ

Duration : 12:00

10) Analysis 1: Harry Potter

Duration : 15:01

11) Analysis 2: The Catcher in the Rye

Duration : 12:10

12) Analysis 3: Pulp Fiction

Duration : 15:48