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Who we are 🧙‍♂️

Hi, I am Matteo. I've been working in the creative field for years, as a Creative Director and a UX Designer. I even published a manual about UX and it became the No.1 Best Seller in Italy 🤟

On the side, I've always loved designing tools for creativity. That's why I launched the first successful Kickstarter campaign for intùiti in 2013. It took me another 5 years to decide to make it a real job!

🚀 in 2018, along with my former business partner (and co-author of some of the tools) Andrea, I decided to do something crazy: to build an Independent Publishing House (one of the least lucrative businesses out there) based in Italy (one of the worst countries for having a company) starting with only 3 titles (“Madness!” they said) and well… We made it! 😎😎😎

How was that possible?

We acted creatively, aka we broke old schemes:

  • When they told us a Publisher needs a Distribution, we just created our own.
  • When they told us we needed more titles, we just focused on quality.
  • When they told us Italy was too small of a market, we just translated all of our products.

We put together an awesome team: our Marketing expert is an entrepreneurial genius who just moved to Portugal; our accountant is one of the best in Turin and he attends minimasters to catch up with our crazy requests (he's already a legend); and our developers have their own startup (they are resourceful) and never say «No, this cannot be done» 💪

🍓🍓🍓 The result:

  • Over 150,000 happy users
  • A company that is giving work to over 10 talented professionals
  • The power and freedom of creating new products we like!

So what do we do all day?

If you think we just spend our time creating cool stuff and deciding what to publish or not, well, you are mistaken!
We are learning that doing something new (like breaking old paradigms) requires the courage and the effort of taking a completely uncharted path. We became Excel gurus, e-commerce experts, ruthless business negotiators, everything but the publishers we idealised.
Going indie really means to go structureless and… well, we didn’t see it coming! 😄

That’s why we decided to share our experience – it could be fun and inspiring for everyone out there working on their own projects or building companies – so Sefirot’s Creative Bulletin was born.

Every week we share a short mail with:

  • Achievements
    Do you know we signed with a super cool writer who is gonna work with us for an innovative writing course? 😍
  • Our desires
    We want to create a tools for Dreams (WOW) and we'd love to build a community of digital nomads 😎
  • Our creative takeaways
    We share some lesson we learnt during the week. Till now we can say you'll always have more issues than the ones you can plan a solution for so... it's pretty useful to start practicing meditation 😅

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So are you in? ❤️

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